20 cartes postales from 2016


Blogovision is an annual online vote among bloggers. We vote for our best albums of the year. We do this for a whole decade now, for 20 consecutive days each year, starting from no.20 on December 1st. On December 21st, after all the votes have been counted, a Top 20 list appears on All Gone, Markos Fragkos’ blog. Markos is a music journalist and the master of ceremonies as far as Blogovision is concerned.

Blogovision reached its peak during the golden era of blogs in Greece, with more than 200 people writing posts about their favorites albums every day. Today it’s still big, although blogs are almost dead, due to the integration of Social Media in the vote procedure. Around 100 people voted for the best albums of 2016 and elected Radiohead’s “A Moon Shaped Pool” on top.

What do all the above have to do with a travelogue? Well, I am voting at Blogovision since its first year, on 2007, via my blog at the time Πο Πο Culure!, which today is a part of my other (Greek) site Homo Ludens. So, I am trying to come up with a fancy and original way to post around my favorite albums every year and 2016 gave me the opportunity to combine my favorite music with some amazing trips I made around the world.

For easy access through Social Media, I created 20 cartes postales that linked to each post. I believe they are nice souvenirs from such an adventurous year and I wanted to share them with you, as a prologue of many posts that are about to come on Story and the City, as soon as I find some free time to write. Enjoy!

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